RJD’s counter-attack on Modi, Sushil Modi on first generation scam

RJD’s counter-attack on Modi, Sushil Modi on first generation scam

RJD has been shaken by constant attacks on the property of RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav’s family. RJD says that Sushil Modi makes propaganda about such a false question. There is no way far from the truth. The reason for this is that in the creation scandal, ports of acute wealth have exposed their conservation day by day. It does not understand that no one has stood up till now and said that the family of Lalu Prasad or Lalu Prasad has taken land for any work, but Sushil Modi plays a dreary tape recorder everyday.

RJD Spokesperson and MLA Shakti Yadav said that through the creation of the largest organized loot in the history of the country, NDA government came under the protection of the head and the deputy chief, but its slightest flow is not to Sushil Kumar Modi as the treasures in the spoils of creation He was sitting on the horoscope and was allowed to loot. Just like Hitler’s publicity minister Goybals, his true heir apparent appeared in Bihar in the form of Sushil Kumar Modi. But they should remember the true disturbing happens but they do not lose. The creation of a market of rumor will never get rid of the sin of creation because this money is the money of millions of poor people of the state. Those who do not tire of saying that we can not buy anybody, the organization of creation bought them on the Daneke injury in the entire market.

Shakti Yadav said that even a single point-of-answer to RJD’s allegations against Sushil Kumar Modi has not been given to Modi till today. The question was, after the rise of the political position of Sushil Kumar Modi, how many families who live in the business of groceries have become the owners of property of millions? Asiaan Holmes, Ashiana Land Craft Pvt. Ltd., Uttarkash Rhinestone Pvt. Ltd. On whose strength Mahavir Modi, R. K. Modi acquired unaccounted property and among whom are the benami properties of those people? The people of Bihar did not know its point-and-answer answer. Sushil Modi Government’s Minister of Propaganda (like Goebbels) puts sensational false allegations which are far from truthful.


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