Watch the producer on the ‘Paharedar Piya ki’ – ‘Feeling like Missyrej’

Watch the producer on the ‘Paharedar Piya ki – ‘Feeling like Missyrej’

The most controversial show on Sony TV has been ‘Paharedar Piya ki’ off air. After that Shashi and Sumit Mittal, producers of the show, say that they will soon bring a second show for the audience.

During an interview, Shashi told people that he had suffered a lot since the show closed. He said that our team had worked hard for this show. With the shutting down of the show, it seems to be such that it has become mischarged.

He said that after falling into the controversy of his first show, he does not want his next show to fall into a new controversy, so he will pay a lot of attention to the show’s script this time. Not only that, he also told that he also wants a prime slot for his next show.

Indeed, in the show, the audience complained about the minor actors and some objectionable scenes, after which Sony TV finally decided to take off the show. A girl named Mansi Jain had filed a petition to ban the show on the website which was sent to Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani.


After which, Smriti Irani, while listening to Gadhar, forwarded the matter to Broadcasting Content Complaints (BCCC). The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting asked the BCCC to immediately take action against the show after which its time was changed. This show has been aired for the moment.


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